This special event is a different competitions based event that is going to be held Third time in the history of Faculty of Engineering & Technology (FET), International Islamic University Islamabad. That comprises of different academic and talent based competitions; however the same kind of event is being organized annually by different universities across Pakistan & worldwide.


The main purpose is to explore the academic talent in the students so that the tradition of winning prizes in different competitions is kept and improved. This will for sure make the students brighter in their academic skills.

As per record the students FET(IIUI) have won many different prizes in different inter-universities and national level competitions and also large number of students have participated and visited these competitions. Keeping in view the inspiration, talent and passion of the FET(IIUI) students we have decided to organize FETEX12 inter-universities.

This event comprises of eight different competitions including both the academic and talent based. The list of the competitions is following:

Proposed Awards

The following is the list of the awards corresponding to positions in the each competition.

For Winners:
Certificates + Cash prizes + Shields

For Runner Ups:

Participation Certificate

The Arena

  1. The Arena is made using white reflecting tape on Blue Plastic Mat.
  2. A 3cm wide, white reflecting tape marks the track.




Robot Construction
The robot must be autonomous once the operator starts it. The limits on the robot are:-

  1. Length, Width and height have no restrictions.
  2. There is no limit on weight of the robot.
  3. Contestants can use any type of sensors to detect the line.
  4. The robot should be battery operated, 48V is the maximum limit.

Contest Procedure

  1. Each Robot will move on its turn, on the arena.
  2. Contest comprises of total two rounds.
  3. Qualifying and the final round.
  4. Only 3 retries will be awarded for each round.
  5. Robots have to pass through every checkpoint.
  6. The checkpoints 2 and 3 have maximum marks.
  7. Picking the robot back to any checkpoint will be counted as a penalty i.e. deduction in marks.
  8. The Jury may stop any Robot at any time if they feel that it is performing, or is about to perform, any action that is dangerous or hazardous to people or setup.
  9. In all matters of the contest decisions of the Jury will be final.

No. of Participant: 4-5
Teams Category: University/College/School
Fee: 300 PKR/ Participant

The quiz competition is the quiz of different courses including

  • DLD
  • Programming (C++)
  • BEE
  • Computer Networks
  • Electronics
  • Communication
  • Embedded Systems

It comprises of 2 sessions:

First session
It is for F10 & F11
DLD, C++, BEE and Speed IQ

Second session
It is for F08 & F09
Computer Networks, Electronics, Communication, Embedded Systems and Speed IQ


  1. Time (30 Seconds) For Each Question
  2. First Answer Is Last
  3. Separate Question For Each Team
  4. Max Three Members Per Team
Decision of Judges will Be Final


This competition is all about completing circuits in given time that will check the hardware skills of the students


  1. Breadboard  
  2. Apparatus will be provided
  3. Max 2 members per group
  4. Marking will be based on:
    • First Submission
    • Working Circuit
    • Hardware Finishing


This competition is all about completing the given task in the given time


  1. Task will have to be finished in time
  2. Circuits Should Be Working For Maximum Marks
  3. Marking Will Be On First Completion, Circuit Working Basis
  4. Apparatus Will Be Provided


This competitions is the test of the fast C/C++ programming skill.


  1. Max 2 members each team
  2. No helping material except MSDN
  3. Score will base upon
    • First submission
    • Code working
    • Best logic


  • Counter Strike 1.6
  • NFS-MW
  • DOTA-War Craft 3(Frozen Thrown
  • FIFA 2009
  • MOHA
  • CNC Generalz Zero Hour


  • Standard rules per game
  • Max 4 members in team-type gaming
  • For CnC Generalz ZH , 2 player per team

In this competition the participants would compete against each other in chess, luddo and arm wrestling.


  • Max 1 participant for chess and arm Wrestling
  • Max 2 Participants in LUDDO

Video Making

If you have acting & directing guts, and have a camera, then we welcome you to our video making competition. We provide a platform for all you boys to explore your inner talent.


  • The videos must not have been previously released or distributed.
  • Photo slide show video is also Allowed
  • Names of artists must be shown at the start or ending of video.
  • Songs are STRICTLY not allowed. (Theme music is acceptable.)
  • Entries containing explicit Audio lyrics or video would result in disqualification.
  • Videos will undergo a screening test, Top three videos will be displayed at the closing ceremony.
  • A Jury comprising of representatives from the media, will make the final selection of winners. Judges’ decisions will be final.
  • CD containing the Video
  • Max. Team Strength: 3 students
  • All videos must be submitted till 4:30p.m May 10th, 2012.
    For submission contact: 0321550467

Judgment Criteria

Your video will be evaluated on the basis of:

  • Audio-visual impact, editing, special effects and computer animation
  • Originality of material
  • Acting of individuals
  • Completeness of thought
  • Impact of message

Submission Guidelines

Participants are required to submit the video on a virus free CD by the due date. Containing both the video and the text file stating the name of participants, institution, and movie/song title.
Late submissions will not be entertained.
Registration Fee (PER HEAD): PKR 200


Understanding the statement is vital for every team member for sketching a perfect sketch. Your Hands can give the life to the sketch. Put all your efforts in your work, you’ll surely get the best results.


  • Sketching material will be provided by the orginizers.
  • The Participants are not allowed to bring any book along with them in the competition. Use of electronic media will lead to disqualification.
  • Size of the sketch will be Standard sketching paper.
  • The FETEX Management reserves the right to modify the rules without prior notice.
  • Max. Team Strength: 1 student

Registration Fee(per head): PKR 200/-

This competition is to test the presentation skills on a certain topic given by the judges.

  • Min 1 participant in a team.
  • Max 3 participant in a team.
  • Topics would be given and presenter has to complete his presentation within time limit.
Results would be finalized by supervisors.


Contact Information And Registration Form

For registration and info please contact::



Download Registration Form

Events Schedule

Name Of Event




Opening ceremony


9:45 -10:30 am

9 May


FET Block


9 May

          Quiz Competition

Seminar room FET

1:00-1:45 pm

9 May


Gaming Competition


Cad Lab


3:00 pm

9 May
10 May


Speed Wiring Competition




10 May


Digital Logic Competition

Digital Logic Design Lab


10 May

      Speed Programming

Networking Lab

3:00 pm

10 May

Presentation skills Competition




10 May

Robo Race

Robotics lab

10:00 am

11 May

  Indoor Gaming Competition

LR-3 / LR-5

03:00 pm

11 May


Closing ceremony

B Block auditorium

  04:30 pm

11 May

          ALUMNI Evening

FET roof

07:00 pm

11 May