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Programming in Flash Workshop

Purpose #

During our graduation , I and my friends volunteered and arranged a 4 days lecture series on Adobe Flash CS4. The purpose was to give awareness to our university fellows,about Flash platform and its applications with respect to our engineering studies.

Registration #

Registration to the Lecture series was free. An online as well as an online form was required to fill in order to get registered for the lecture series. Total 57 students registered from different batches.

Workshop Content #

  • Introduction to Frames Timeline, MovieClip, Sprite, Graphics and Drawing Tools
  • Animation concepts in Flash CS4. Use of Shape and Motion Tween
  • TextField Types , Buttons , and Library
  • Introduction to ActionScript 3.0 in comparison with C programming language
  • Setting up of FlashDevelop with FlexSDK
  • Introduction to Display Objects,Display Lists and Events System In Flash
  • Working with embedded and external Bitmaps
  • Example : Smoke Particles
  • AS3.0 Drawing API in Flash
  • Creating and moving single sprite graphics in random direction
  • Creating and Managing Collection of animated sprites (Particles)
  • Applying physics dynamics on animation of sprites
  • Applying Filters ( Blur Filter) on sprites
  • Example: Simple Presentation
  • Creating frame by frame slides
  • Attaching Moviclip/Sprites from Library to Create Slide show in Pure ActionScript 3.0

Screenshots #

Workshop Registration App
Workshop Registration App
Workshop Registration App
Workshop Registration App

Details #

TechnologyAdobe Flash, PHP-mySql
TypeApplication, Lectures
OrganizersAwais Khan, Hasnain Haider, Shahid Nasrullah, Jahan Zaib
Start Date2010-10-25
End Date2010-10-28