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Sharp Shooter Flash Game+Tutorial

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Start Date: 2010-09-26
End Date: 2010-09-28


I made this simple game to test my ActionScript 3.0 skills, as I was migrating from AS2.0 back then. The source file and detailed tutorial can be found from the URL given in the Portfolio description. View Working Game


Game Name: Sharp Shooter Version: 1.00 Testing Type: One Player Shooter Controls: Mouse click (shoot) Platform: Flash CS4 Language:Action Script 3.00 (AS3.0) Description:Some tank or shooting machine shooting at some enemies trying to approach it. Top view game where player controls the Gun direction of tank with movements of mouse and click to shoot the approaching enemies. When an enemy hits our player Tank, it would destroy player Tank. Further details are to be added. Because it’s not a final set of details.