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Short Animation Movie, Super Here

Introduction #

I made this ;my first animation movie , for the video competitions during Fetex 2010. Fetex is the event organised at International Islamic University Islamabad. Though the Video competition was not entertained properly and there were only two participants. As the result , submitted videos were not displayed. Then I uploaded the compressed and re sized version of my short movie to and Story was quite simple. As this was my first attempt, I made very simple characters which were easy to animate. All the scenes,objects and sounds were made originally for the movie. I used Mixing software like Dance Ejay and Fruity Loops for soundtracks preparation.

Acknowledgement #

Special thanks to Mr. Mark Bremmer , he guided me about various video format and animations.

Sound Tracks #

Movie Specification #

  • Length : 04:37 minutes
  • Frame Dimensions: 1280 x 720 px
  • Frame Rate: 23.5 FPS
  • Video Bit Rate: 14031 kbps
  • Video Format: Quick Time Movie
  • Audio Channels : 2 Stereo Audio
  • Bit Rate: 1535 kbps
  • Audio Sample Rate: 48 KHz
  • File Size: 465 MB

Screenshots #

I Am A Super-Hero Cover
I Am A Super-Hero Preview
I Am A Super-Hero Preview

Details #

TechnologyCSS-CSS3, HTML-HTML5, JavaScript
TypeVideo Movie
TechnologiesAnime Studio, Graphics
Start Date2012-05-19
End Date2012-05-29